New Sunset Strip and NYC Times Square Billboards Blasts People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Shocking Euthanasia Record

27,751 Pets Have Died at the Hands of the Hypocritical Animals Rights Group Since 1998

Washington, DC – Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) unveiled two new billboards on Sunset Boulevard and in New York City's Times Square. The billboards highlight People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) notorious euthanasia program at its Norfolk, VA headquarters. The billboards directs viewers to, CCF’s website which breaks down PETA’s yearly filings with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).

According to records from VDACS, PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year while placing just 24 in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 27,751 pets have died at the hands of PETA workers.

“PETA continues to lecture the American public with its phony ‘animal rights’ message, while at the same time killing thousands of dogs and cats in its national headquarters every year,” said J. Justin Wilson, CCF’s Senior Research Analyst. “PETA seems to be more interested in funding its outrageous media and advertising stunts than finding suitable homes for these cats and dogs.”

Despite its $37.4 million budget, PETA employees make little effort to find homes for the thousands of animals they kill each year.

A 2010 inspection of 290 PETA animal custody records performed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services discovered that PETA killed 84 percent of the animals it took control of within only 24 hours. Additionally, the inspection discovered that PETA’s animal shelter didn't meet PETA’s own published guidelines for running a humane shelter.

“PETA leaders have for years made it abundantly clear they don’t care about the thousands of unlucky pets that walk through its shelter’s door,” Wilson continued. “It’s the height of hypocrisy for PETA to demonstrate for the 'rights’ of rats and pigs, while killing tens of thousands of pets.”

CCF has obtained PETA’s “Animal Record” filings for every year since 1998 from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Members of the public can see these documents at

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