PETA Targets Your Kids

In 2003, in more than 15 states, the group handed out a graphic comic titled "Your Mommy Kills Animals" to children accompanying women wearing fur outside holiday performances of The Nutcracker and other theatrical shows.

Denver's Rocky Mountain News classified PETA's attempt "to manipulate adults by traumatizing their children" as "despicable." The Omaha World- Herald declared, "it's the vulnerable children who will likely suffer for the anxiety-inducing insensitivity of the attack on what should be a happy, family-oriented outing."

Dr. Jeffrey Dolgan, chief of psychology at Denver's Children's Hospital, told The Denver Post that PETA's "Your Mommy Kills Animals" campaign is "beyond insensitive."

The group also featured convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado as a guest columnist in Grrr! Kids Bite Back, a defunct periodical described as "PETA's magazine for students aged 8 to 14."

PETA's Teachkind teaching aids have involved themes that draw connections between African-American slaves and livestock animals. They have asked students to "compare the progression of the civil rights movement in the U.S. to the current animal rights movement." There is more. In 2006, we released this report [English only] which we updated in 2008 as a comprehensive examination of PETA's propaganda aimed at kids.

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